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Our Story

From a small house in the county side of Canada, the idea of Holistic Corner sprouted. I would frequently contemplate the invasion of chemical contamination, pesticides and endocrine disruptive chemicals etc., and their impact on our health. I thought there must be a reason for us falling sick continuously. I also thought that, the way out is always through and when there is a will, there is a way. Consequently, I began to monitor my diet, specifically the quality of the food I consume. Unfortunately, I discovered my diet consisted primarily of unhealthy and unnatural ingrediants.

My research led me to study Holistic Nutrition. But that too wasn’t completely satisfiying. Although it enlightened and empowered me to pin point the reasons behind our health issues, I really wanted to go the extra mile. I wanted to provide healthy alternatives for my children that are unpolluted, and most importantly preservative, additive, and chemical-free.
I thought of starting a family business. This will not only help me get the cleanest food, but also help many others striving to live a quality life based on clean nutrients.

The house on the package is a drawing of my house, where the idea of Holistic Corner was born. There,I gaze out of the window for hours, day after day, and ponder about the possibility of having my own healthy, top notch, clean products. Not until I fully visualized my dream, I decided to move overseas, closer to the homeland of herbs, spices and grains, and start my project.

The logo of Holistic Corner is inspired by a touching incident too, which is basically my love for the ancient, well-known staranise. Since l am not a coffee person, staranise is my inspiration and my best companion throughout my journey to wellness. During stressful، cold nights or shiny mornings, I couldn’t find a truer friend! Its seven petals represent the seven principles of Holistic Health, physical, nutritional، mental, social، emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

If you are ready for a mouthwatering experience, Holistic Corner won’t disappoint. Indulge in the rich flavors of our products, and pamper your taste buds with utmost love and genuine care. You deserve the best!
We deliver worldwide! Click on your preferred item and we will deliver it to your doorstep.

Khadijeh Alkhaled,RHN
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Who We Are

Holistic Corner is a family owned business aims to provide high quality organic products sourced directly from authentic smallholder farms. Inspired by the traditional herbs and spices shops in the Mediterranean and south-east Asia, Holistic Corner intends to bring to you the natural sensation of flavors and nutrients of the good old days through modern day, online trade.

Holistic Corner sources from small-scale growers who are committed to organic farming. They in-turn support their communities which consequently contributes to decreasing food insecurity and creating a healthier, more stable, less polluted environment for future generations.

Our Values

Holistic Corner strives to meet the customer multidimensional needs, physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual. Holistic Corner is aware of how intertwined these needs are and that failing to satisfy one will ultimately lead to failure in the rest. For this reason, transparency and attention to details are considered indispensable. Holistic Corner also takes quality seriously and provides only the finest goods, with the highest ethical standards, from sourcing the purest row material to nature-friendly packaging.

Each product is Measured against a range of standards.Holistic Corner guarantees that consumption of high quality food is the first step towards wellbeing. Holistic Corner supports organic and regenerative farming, instead of conventional farming. However, we do not only focus on just the places where the plants sprout, or just the farming practices, but also the people who care for the plants.

We are constantly in search for what reconnects man to plants and thus, revives the essence of wellbeing. Since everything is interconnected, and since earth’s ecosystem is where both us and the plants live and give, our main purpose is to reduce or eliminate emissions and ensure the absence of pesticides and herbicides. We are fully committed to our environmentally friendly standards in order to confront the threats of the climate change and preserve our nature.