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    Are your products certified organic?

    Yes, all of our products are certified organic by USDA organic, Europe organic and Turkish organic. Holistic Corner takes its products seriously and is committed to providing only the best quality.

    Are organic products completely free of pesticide residues?

    Yes, all of our our products undergo rigorous assessment to check their cleanliness from synthetic pesticide residue. Our farmers strictly adhere to the principals and guidelines of organic agriculture practices that enhance the ecological balance of the natural system.

    Is organic food healthier?

    It definitely is healthier. Organic farming practices provide a far safer, more sustainable environment for everyone, from growers to consumers or even all of us who share the environment. There is substantial research suggesting links to cancer and other serious diseases from the synthetic insecticides and fertilizers used on non-organic crops. Hence, and in order to spare you the hazards, Holistic Corner adheres strictly to the principles of organic agriculture practices.

    Are organic products produced in other countries required to meet U.S. organic standards?

    Yes, all organic food that is sold as certified organic in the United States must be produced in accordance with the U.S. standards and be certified by a USDA-accredited certifier.

    How are your products processed?

    We do not control how our suppliers process the products we purchase from them. However, we are certain that they adhere strictly to the standards of our comprehensive quality program. If a product fails to meet our standards, we simply refrain from purchasing it from the supplier.

    Do your products contain MSG?

    No, our products do not contain monosodium glutamate (MSG). If they do, we are bound by the FDA to state this fact clearly on the product label. Although the FDA classifies MSG and glutamic acid as generally safe, we are aware of their negative impact on those who are sensitive to them.

    Where can I find nutritional information for your products?

    It is posted on the nutrition facts label on the back of each product, as well as on Holistic Corner web page.

    How can I tell if my spices, herbs and grains are still good?

    Our products are freshness dated. Therefore, in order to enjoy maximum freshness, check the expiry date of each product and make sure to use it within the specified period. The potency of ground spices fades faster than whole spices. Some botanical products lose their freshness quickly while others last up to a year or two even after the expiry date.


    How do I view current and past orders?

    Through My Account. All you need to do is sign in, click on Orders and a list of your orders will appear. Click on the desired order for a detailed look.

    How do I order online?

    Through our website,
    It is safe and secure.
    Just follow these simple steps to place your order.

    1. add an item to your shopping cart, click ‘Add to Cart.’
    2. When you’re finished shopping, click ‘Checkout.’
    3. You’ll be asked to register so you can connect to our secure server.
    4. Fill out your checkout information, including your shipping address and credit card information. If you’ve ordered with us before, most of this information will be pre-filled for you.
    5. We’ll display a page that shows all of your order information for your final approval.
    6. Review and confirm all your order information, then click ‘Place Your Order’ and you’re done! will send you an order confirmation via e-mail. An account is automatically created for you once you place your first order so you won’t have to enter all the information again when you order next.

    Do you offer subscriptions or auto delivery?

    Sign up for our Auto Delivery program, and you’ll get your favorite products delivered right to your door on a schedule you choose. It’s as easy as 1-2-3: Just create an Auto Delivery, decide on the shipping schedule, and add your favorite items. Your first order will arrive in a few days!
    SAVE 10% on all Auto Delivery items and avoid the hassle of remembering to order.

    What is the minimum purchase order ?

    Turkiye Zone: 10.99 US Dollar
    Other Zones: The minimum purchase order should be 38.99 US Dollar, excluding taxes, shipment fees, etc.,

    Shipping Information

    Where do you ship?

    We Deliver to Europe,North America, Arabian Gulf Countries and Palestine zones.
    We have plan to Expand worldwide soon, however, shipping to P.O. Boxes is NOT available.
    When your package ships, we will send you an e-mail notification that contains a link to which you can track your shipment. You can also track the status of your shipment from My Account.

    How long should my order take to arrive?

    Most shipments will be delivered within 5-7 business days or before.
    As for Wholesale orders, it may take up to a month to ship, depending on the country and the circumstances of arranging the shipment.

    When you order by the cutoff time Monday through Friday (excluding major holidays), most orders will ship that next day. Note that the cutoff time is in the time zone of the order’s destination.
    Some circumstances may result in delayed shipping or delivery:

    • Credit card payment issue
    • Incorrect shipping addresses
    • Orders held because items are out of stock. On infrequent occasions, we may be out of stock in your region’s warehouse. In this case your order may take longer as we await product or ship from an alternate warehouse if available. We will contact you if this happens.
    • UPS or other premium carrier circumstances (severe weather, etc.)
    • Orders received on Thursday by the indicated cutoff time will ship on the following Monday, unless the transit time is 1 day in which case your order will ship on Thursday and arrive Friday. If the transit time is 2 or more days, your order will ship on the following Monday.
    What is the cost of shipping?

    Flat rate of 10.99$ will be added for all zones except Turkiye 10.99 Turkish Lira only.
    *Extra charges to specific zones may apply
    Our shipping and handling charges cover the expenses we incur to process, pack, and ship your order.

    Your shipment may stop at customs for inspection and may ask for extra custom fees.
    In this situation, the buyer is required to clear it at customs point and/or pay the customs fee,

    Holistic Corner,is not responsible for delivering the shipment if it is stopped at customs for any specific country or region till would be released from customs.

    For further queries, please WhatsApp our customer service team on +905073793401
    from 7 am to 6 pm CT, Monday-Friday.