Organic Dried Mulberry | 100g

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Dive into a bag of our Organic Dried Mulberries and start your journey towards a wholesome lifestyle today!

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      Step into a world of wholesome goodness with our Organic Dried Mulberries!

      Perfect for health enthusiasts, environment-loving souls, bustling families, and our vegan & vegetarian friends. Our sun-kissed mulberries are a treasure trove of nature, packed with antioxidants and essential minerals, fueling your day with a burst of vitality! 🌿

      Why Holistic Corner’s Organic Dried Mulberries?

      • Certifiably Organic: Rest easy knowing our mulberries are USDA certified organic. Our commitment is to provide authentic, transparent goodness right to your bowl. 🌿🎖
      • Nutrient Rich: Loaded with antioxidants, our dried white mulberries are a haven of essential minerals. It’s a sweet path to a nutritious lifestyle. 🌟
      • Versatile Joy: From jazzing up your morning avocado toast to adding that perfect touch of natural sweetness to your baked delights, these organic mulberries are your go-to pantry staple. 🥑🍞
      • Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly: A heart-warming choice for our plant-based buddies, embodying a cruelty-free, wholesome choice. 🌱
      • Gluten-Free Goodness: Every serving is tested and verified gluten-free, making it a friendly choice for one and all. 🚫🌾

      Usage Ideas:

      • Morning Spark: Sprinkle over granola or stir into your oatmeal for a nutrient-packed start. 🌞
      • Baking Buddy: Fold into muffins, cookies or your favorite baked goods for a sweet, wholesome twist. 🍪
      • Snack-Time Star: Enjoy them straight out of the bag or mix with nuts for a hearty snack. 🥜

      Discover the joy of authentic, organic indulgence with dried mulberry offerings from Holistic Corner. It’s not just a bag of mulberries, it’s a bag of nature’s love, nourishing your body and soul, one sweet bite at a time.

      Where can I buy mulberries? Right here! Where to buy mulberries that offer a touch of nature and a bouquet of benefits? You’re already here! Welcome to a community passionate about real, organic living. Your journey towards a healthy, inspiring lifestyle just got a little sweeter with our mulberry dry fruit. Explore the benefits of dried mulberry today!

      Ready to embrace the sweet, organic goodness? Click Add to Cart and start your journey to a healthier, joyful living with our Organic Dried Mulberries! 🛒

      Dried mulberries pair well with almost anything.
      Sprinkle them onto your avocado bread.
      Add them as a flavorful natural sweetener to your granola or baked goods, yes, mulberry is naturally sweet but its definitely sugar free!
      Store in a cool, dry, odor-free place at a relative humidity of no more than 70%

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      19 reviews for Organic Dried Mulberry | 100g

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      1. English


        I have received it as a gift from holistic corner , the package is very good , its highly recommended as the taste is so perfect , I am lucky that I got a chance to try the product. 100 out of 10 rating. For sure i will include it in my next order.
        Thanks for your gift .

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        لذيذ جداً

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      3. English

        Marah Abuzaid (verified owner)

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      4. English

        Dima (verified owner)

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      5. English

        Bayan Shawi (verified owner)

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      6. English

        Afaf (verified owner)

        لذيذ كأنه حلاو

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      7. English

        Roula G. (verified owner)

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      8. English

        ABIR (verified owner)

        je préfère les mures fraiches mais c’est bon

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      9. English

        Khadija fityani (verified owner)

        روووعة ولزيييز كتييير والي مشتهي حلو أكيييد لايفوته😍

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      10. English

        Dima (verified owner)

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      11. Arabic

        Dania Shurbaji (verified owner)

        Did not like it much

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        مجهول (verified owner)

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      13. English

        Ahmad Zuhier (verified owner)

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        Azza Zakarya (verified owner)

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        Faten Albitar (verified owner)

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      16. English

        Sena A. (verified owner)

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      17. English

        Asma (verified owner)

        طعمه نفس الكراميل .. عجبني بس ممكن ما يعجب كل حد

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      18. English

        Zaina Hamshow (verified owner)

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      19. Arabic

        Mohamed H. (verified owner)

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