Organic Dried Plum Slices | 100g

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This is your super snack! It is rich, sweet and nutritious!

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      Discover the natural delight of our Organic Dried Plum Slices!

      Brought to you by Holistic Corner Organic Shop from the sun-drenched fields of Turkey. Known for their rich, sun-dried quality, these slices, also popular as dried prunes, blend a perfect mix of wrinkly texture with moist, mouthwatering taste.

      They defy the typical dried fruit norms, offering a unique sensory experience. Our commitment to authenticity and transparency shines through, ensuring you get not just a snack, but a piece of nature’s purity.

      Benefits of Dried Plum:

      These Organic Dried Plum Slices pack a healthful punch, embodying all the benefits of dried plum! 🌱

      • Bone Health Guardian: Rich in Vitamin K and essential minerals, these plum dried fruits play a significant role in enhancing bone density and health.
      • Digestive Health Promoter: With a high fiber content, they aid in digestion and act as a natural solution for constipation, showcasing the true benefits of dried plum.
      • Heart Health Ally: Their nutrient-rich profile helps in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, thereby supporting cardiovascular wellness.
      • Cognitive Function Supporter: The presence of beneficial phytonutrients aids in improving brain functions like memory and learning.
      • Immunity Booster: High in vitamin C, these dried plums enhance the body’s immune response, protecting against various infections.
      • Weight Management Helper: Low in calories yet high in dietary fiber, they contribute to a feeling of fullness, aiding in effective weight management.

      Dried Plum Usage:

      Unleash the versatility of our Organic Dried Plum Slices in your daily diet! 🍴

      • A perfect, healthy snack to munch on any time.
      • A delicious addition to cereals, yogurts, or salads for an extra fruity twist.
      • An innovative ingredient in baked goods, adding a touch of natural sweetness.
      • A flavorful component in savory dishes, balancing the taste with its unique flavor.

      Are you ready to explore the delightful taste and health benefits of Holistic Corner’s Organic Dried Plum Slices?
      Make them a part of your pantry today and step into a world of wholesome and delicious snacking!

      🌸 Choose health, choose flavor, choose our Organic Dried Plum Slices! 🌸

      Tasty to indulge on their own.
      Use it for local delicacies as well as international cuisines.
      Invent your own recipes, engage all your senses and enjoy the chaotic flavors.
      Store in a cool, dry, odor-free place at a relative humidity of no more than 70%

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      1. English

        Sawsan k (verified owner)

        The most clean ,delicious dried plums . No preservatives which allows you to enjoy an unforgettable sweetness and flavour. This is a good choice for kids as a healthy “better than candy ” snack .

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      2. English

        Dima (verified owner)

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      3. English

        Bayan Shawi (verified owner)

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      4. English

        Aynur (verified owner)

        ماشالله ممتااازين

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      5. English

        Asma Chalbi (verified owner)

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      6. English

        Khadija fityani (verified owner)

        🤩🤩 ماشاءالله جودة رااااائعة وطعم الحموضة مع الحلاوة لاا يوصف

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      7. English

        Najlaa Alsafadi (verified owner)

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      8. Arabic

        نفيسة (verified owner)

        السناك المُنقذ و المفضل تحديدا بوقت ايقاف السكر الصناعي..🥰🥰👍🔥

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      9. English

        Mona Hajjaj Hajjaj (verified owner)

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      10. English

        Roula G. (verified owner)

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      11. English

        Eslam Abouzid (verified owner)

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      12. Arabic

        Manal Aziz (verified owner)

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      13. English

        Ahmad Zuhier (verified owner)

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      14. English

        Aylin Mehmet kaya (verified owner)

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      15. Arabic

        Jumana Sad (verified owner)

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      16. English

        Darin Hjajj (verified owner)

        الله يوفقكم يااارب ❤️

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      17. English

        Maya A. (verified owner)

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      18. English

        Fatema B. (verified owner)

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