Organic Bay leaf | 20g

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Sourced directly from farmers, this spice makes a perfect flavor enhancer for many dishes.

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      Embrace the essence of nature with our Organic Bay Leaves

      Harvested from the sun-kissed Mediterranean region. These aromatic Laurus Nobilis leaves, carefully selected and dried, are not just a culinary delight but a bundle of health benefits. Perfect for infusing your stews, sauces, and biryani leaf marinades with a potent flavor, Holistic Corner’s bay leaves are more than just a flavor enhancer for biryani and other Middle Eastern dishes. They represent a wholesome lifestyle choice, steeped in tradition and goodness.

      Bay Leaf Benefits:

      • Heart Health: Our Organic Dried Bay Leaves are rich in compounds like caffeic acid and rutin, which are instrumental in promoting heart health. They help reduce LDL cholesterol and strengthen capillary walls, making them a heart-friendly addition to your diet.
      • Anti-inflammatory Properties: Suffering from inflammation or joint pain? Bay leaves contain parthenolide, a unique phytonutrient known for its anti-inflammatory effects. Regular consumption or topical application can provide relief, particularly beneficial for those with arthritis.
      • Diabetes Management: Regular consumption of bay leaves may improve insulin function and help in regulating blood sugar levels, making it a valuable herb for those with diabetes.
      • Digestive Aid: With enzymes that facilitate digestion and protect against gastric damage, bay leaves are excellent for maintaining a healthy digestive system.
      • Cancer-Fighting Potential: The unique blend of antioxidants and organic compounds in bay leaves, like catechins and linalool, may offer protective effects against certain types of cancer.
      • Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Bay leaves contain linalool, known for its stress-reducing properties, which can aid in creating a calmer, more relaxed state.

      Bay Leaves Uses:

      • Culinary Delights: Transform soups, stews, and marinades with the rich flavor of bay leaves. As a bay leaf seasoning,  it adds depth and aroma to your dishes.
      • Bay Leaf Tea: Brew a soothing cup of bay leaf tea to enjoy its digestive and respiratory benefits. Simply steep the leaves in hot water for a calming beverage.
      • Topical Applications: Apply bay leaf water to your scalp post-shampoo to combat dandruff and improve hair health.

      Begin your journey to a healthier you! Add Holistic Corner‘s Organic Bay Leaves to your pantry today, and let every meal be a step towards better health and wellness. 🌿

      Remember, this versatile laurel herb is not just a kitchen staple but a gateway to a healthier lifestyle. Embrace the natural benefits of Organic Bay Leaves and see the difference in your well-being! 🌱✨

      Infuse its flavor into your stews, sauces or any marinade.
      It is a flavor enhancer for biryani, soup and many middle eastern dishes.
      Best stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

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      1. English


        I tried the product, it is fresh and adds strong flavors to food. Recommended to use 😍

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      2. English

        Khoula (verified owner)

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      3. English

        Anonymous (verified owner)

        ممتازة ونظيفة وريحتها بالطبخ حلوة بتاخد زنخة اللحمة او الجاج

        (0) (0)
      4. English

        Sara Alafaleq (verified owner)

        ريحته جميلة ولون الورقه زاهي فيها حياة

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      5. English

        Samira Alhamwi (verified owner)


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      6. English

        Zineb (verified owner)

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      7. Arabic

        Azza Z. (verified owner)

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      8. English

        Marwa Mahmoud (verified owner)

        رائعة ورقها نظيف وكامل ولونها حلو وريحتها جميلة

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      9. English

        Hoda Alothman (verified owner)


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      10. English

        heba (verified owner)

        I never knew that bay leaves have such a good smell and taste!!

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        Hana Couja (verified owner)

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      12. English

        Ahmad Y. (verified owner)

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        Shaza Bakour (verified owner)

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        Roula G. (verified owner)

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        Ahmed (verified owner)

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        Nour Aljondi (verified owner)

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        Rokash Habash (verified owner)

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        Zaina Hamshow (verified owner)

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      19. Arabic

        LANA EMAD (verified owner)

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