Organic Cajun Seasoning Mix

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      Elevate your culinary creations with Holistic Corner Organic Cajun Seasoning Mix .

      Our blend is meticulously crafted without preservatives or artificial colors, ensuring a delicious and healthy addition to your daily recipes for you and your family.

      Why Choose Holistic Corner Organic Cajun Seasoning Mix?

      1. No Chinese Salt : Free from MSG (monosodium glutamate), a common additive in many commercial spice mixes that has been linked to negative effects on children’s concentration and overall health.
      2. Free from Sudan 1 : Unlike many commercial spice mixes that use artificial red dyes like Sudan 1, a known carcinogen, our mix uses natural sweet paprika for color and flavor, ensuring your meals are safe and healthy.
      3. No Artificial Flavor Enhancers : Our spices are derived from naturally sun-dried organic plant parts and vegetables, without the use of artificial flavors, which can alter your taste buds when consumed daily.

      Ready to make a conscious, healthy, and easy-to-use choice every day? Shop now for our Organic Cajun Spices Collection.

      Usage: Cajun Spice

      To prepare the organic Cajun mix, an alternative to Maggi and other processed spices, you need to mix:

      • 4 tablespoons of organic paprika
      • 2 tablespoons of organic garlic powder
      • 1 tablespoon of organic onion powder
      • 1 tablespoon of organic black pepper
      • 1 tablespoon of organic oregano
      • 1 teaspoon of organic rosemary
      • 1 teaspoon of organic ground coriander
      • 1 tablespoon of sea salt or Himalayan salt

      Versatile and Delicious:

      Our organic Cajun seasoning mix is ​​versatile and can enhance a wide range of recipes. It’s also a healthy and delicious option for children’s meals, offering a tasty alternative to chips without any harmful additives.

      Perfect for:

      • Baked Potatoes
      • Chicken and Meat Seasonings
      • Fish Seasonings
      • Sautéed Vegetable Seasonings
      • Pasta Dishes
      • Soups

      Experience the difference that pure, organic spices can make in your kitchen. Order now and elevate your meals with Holistic Corner Organic Cajun Seasoning Mix.


      22.93 oz / 1.43 lbs / 650 g


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