Organic Garlic Powder | 85g

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Our garlic powder is considered an indispensable spice in almost every dish.
It is purely organic as it is dried and ground into powder.
The freshness of our product is guaranteed.

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      Discover the essence of health and flavor with our Organic Garlic Powder

      🍃 Sourced from the finest Allium sativum, Holistic Corner’s garlic powder, also known as lahsun in some cultures, is a testament to purity and quality. Whether you call it garlic pow, granulated garlic, or garlic granules, its dehydrated form packs a flavorful punch while ensuring authenticity in every sprinkle.

      🌟 Garlic Benefits:

      • Heart Health: Aids in blood pressure and cholesterol management, supporting cardiovascular wellness.
      • Cancer Prevention: Antioxidants in garlic powder contribute to reducing cancer risks.
      • Immune Boosting: Fortifies the immune system due to its rich nutrient composition.
      • Anti-Inflammatory & Antimicrobial: Effective in reducing bodily inflammation and fighting off harmful microbes.
      • Digestive Health: The fiber content in garlic powder aids in promoting a healthy digestive system.
      • Blood Sugar Regulation: Helpful in maintaining stable blood sugar levels, which is particularly beneficial for those with diabetes.
      • Detoxifying Properties: Supports liver and kidney functions, enhancing their detoxification processes.

      🍲 Garlic Powder Usage:

      • Versatile Seasoning: Ideal for adding a flavorful depth to stews, soups, and salad dressings.
      • Marinades & Rubs: Enhances the taste of meats and vegetables.
      • Healthy Sprinkle: Adds a nutritious zing to snacks like popcorn.
      • Custom Spice Mixes: Can be used as a base ingredient for creating personalized spice blends.

      📣 Elevate your cooking with Holistic Corner’s Organic Garlic Powder. Add this essential spice to your pantry today!

      Makes a delicious addition to almost all cuisines.
      Use it for local delicacies as well as international cuisines.
      Invent your own recipes, engage all your senses and enjoy the chaotic flavors.
      Best stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

      3.00 oz / 0.19 lbs / 85 g


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      1. English

        amal.algammal90 (verified owner)

        I have purchased this product last month , the package is very good , it gave the food different taste , the smell is perfect and the product is highly recommended.
        It is served with love and care , Thanks

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      2. English

        Farah K. (verified owner)

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      3. English

        Samira Alhamwi (verified owner)


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      4. Arabic

        Maryam A. (verified owner)

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      5. English

        Hoda Alothman (verified owner)


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      6. English

        Ghalia A. (verified owner)

        Didnt thought garlic could taste that delicious. the quality is great, smells fresh. I didnt expect the amount to be this much.

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      7. English

        Roula G. (verified owner)

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      8. English

        Mona Hajjaj Hajjaj (verified owner)

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      9. English

        Roula G. (verified owner)

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      10. English

        Dima (verified owner)

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      11. Arabic

        Dania Shurbaji (verified owner)

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      12. English

        سارة الحسن (verified owner)

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      13. English

        Nour Zakaria (verified owner)

        (0) (0)
      14. Arabic

        Khadija fityani (verified owner)

        😍😍ويييين هاللذاذة عني من زماان
        صراحة كان عندي زمان ومابعرف شو مصدرها وكنت حس إنه مالها طعم وفائدة وشلت الكيس وكبيته وهلأ طلبتا كرمال محاولة ثانية بس شكلي بعتمد عليها في تتبيل الدجاج دايماا ☺️

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      15. English

        Nour Aljondi (verified owner)

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      16. English

        Rokash Habash (verified owner)

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      17. English

        مجهول (verified owner)

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      18. English

        Ahmad Zuhier (verified owner)

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      19. Arabic

        Azza Zakarya (verified owner)

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      20. Arabic

        Hadeel Mousa (verified owner)

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      21. English

        Iman D. (verified owner)

        The best garlic powder I have tried. It smells and tastes like fresh garlic.

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      22. English

        MOMENAH (verified owner)

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      23. English

        Zaina Hamshow (verified owner)

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      24. Arabic

        Halah Al gburi (verified owner)

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      25. Arabic

        Mohamed H. (verified owner)

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