Organic Ground Sumac | 85g

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Appealing and delicious. One of the most well known spices in the Middle East.

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      Dive into the authentic essence of Middle Eastern cuisine with our Organic Ground Sumac.

      Sourced from the finest Rhus coriaria berries, this sumac spice is not just a kitchen staple; it’s a journey through vibrant tastes and ancient traditions. Certified organic, Holistic Corner‘s Sumac guarantees purity and sustainability, making it the perfect choice for health enthusiasts, environmentalists, and everyone passionate about genuine organic sourcing.

      Benefits That Go Beyond Taste ✨

      • Antioxidant Rich: Dive into the wellness world with sumac’s powerful antioxidants, combatting free radicals for your health’s safeguard.
      • Blood Sugar Friend: Keep your glucose levels in check, thanks to sumac’s potential in managing blood sugar, making it a smart choice for a balanced diet.
      • Heart Health Ally: Embrace a heart-healthy lifestyle with sumac, which may assist in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
      • Inflammation Soother: Experience relief from chronic muscle pain and embrace a more comfortable, active life with sumac’s anti-inflammatory properties.
      • Bone Protector: With emerging research hinting at bone health benefits, sumac could be your partner in maintaining strength and density as you age.
        A Culinary Adventure Awaits 🍽️

      Sumac’s lemony tang brings an unparalleled zest to your dishes, making it a versatile ally in the kitchen.

      Here’s how you can enjoy it:

      • Vibrant Salads: A sprinkle of sumac transforms greens with a citrusy pop.
      • Marinades & Rubs: Elevate meats with sumac’s deep, sour notes for an unforgettable taste.
      • Creative Beverages: Add a twist to your lemonade or teas with sumac for a refreshing, colorful drink.
      • Innovative Baking: Introduce sumac into your baking for a sour zest that surprises and delights.

      Ready to transform your meals with the authentic flavors of the Middle East? Add Holistic Corner’s Organic Ground Sumac to your spice collection today! Perfect for health enthusiasts, families, and anyone eager to explore the richness of Sumac Mediterranean cuisine.

      Join us in celebrating the authenticity and sustainability of true organic spices. Your kitchen deserves the vibrant, sour taste of Turkish sumac – a treasure from nature’s heart to your home. 🌱

      Sprinkle it on salads or add it to your lemonade and enjoy the pink color. It also makes a perfect seasoning for the famous chicken musakhan.
      Best stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

      3.00 oz / 0.19 lbs / 85 g


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      1. English


        Triedthis product with salads, a sour flavor, pure and fresh, free of chemicals, unlike any other type I have tried before.

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        Anonymous (verified owner)

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      3. English

        Samira Alhamwi (verified owner)


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      4. Arabic

        Maryam A. (verified owner)

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      5. English

        heba (verified owner)

        very good

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      6. English

        Afaf (verified owner)


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        Hana Couja (verified owner)

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      8. English

        Aynur (verified owner)

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        Shaza Bakour (verified owner)

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        مجهول (verified owner)

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        Fatema Baroudi (verified owner)

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        Dima (verified owner)

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        Nour Zakaria (verified owner)

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        Sena A. (verified owner)

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      15. English

        Nadia (verified owner)

        This sumac is so genuine it’s like identical to what you get if you were making it in your own home!! Especially for the filling of spinach pies!

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      16. English

        ghaliaproduction (verified owner)

        Best Sumac ever

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        Zaina Hamshow (verified owner)

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      18. Arabic

        Mohamed H. (verified owner)

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