Organic Onion Powder | 85g

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Fresh, flavorful and indispensable for saving both time and tears

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      Eager to enhance your dishes effortlessly? Experience the rich essence of Holistic Corner’s Organic Onion Powder, made from freshly dehydrated and milled onions. ✨

      Why Choose Our Organic Minced Onion Powder?

      🌾 100% Authentic Organic: Directly sourced from dedicated farmers. Pure transparency in every sprinkle!
      🚫 Natural Goodness: Absolutely no additives or preservatives. Just pure onion love.
      🌍 Eco-Conscious Choice: A step forward for environmentalists and our planet.
      🌱 Plant-Based Perfection: Essential for vegans and vegetarians.

      Effortless Usage Across Dishes:

      • Quick Flavors: Add a dash to your stews, curries, and soups for an instant flavor lift.
      • Savory Bakes: Enrich your pastries, bread, and pies with a pinch.
      • Snack & Dips: Elevate the taste of your homemade chips, guacamole, or any dip.
      • Stir Fries & More: A sprinkle can transform your veggies, meats, and stir fries.

      Health Benefits that Resonate:

      • Immunity Champion: Packed with antioxidants to keep you robust and thriving.
      • Digestive Buddy: A friend to your tummy, aiding in digestion and combating constipation.
      • Heart’s Best Friend: Promotes heart health and fends off infections with its potent properties.

      🛒 Grab Yours Today! Experience the wholesome taste and authentic flavors of our Organic Onion Powder Seasoning. Add to Cart Now! 🛍
      Health enthusiasts, environmentalists, families, and home-cooks, let’s bond over the genuine love for organic taste and the aspiration to cook inspiringly authentic dishes.

      Used as a seasoning, onion powder is Indispensable for countless cuisines and has endless applications.
      It is essential for saving both time and tears.
      It is a common ingredient in many recipes varying from onion soup to stews, dips, savory baking, stir fry’s, curries and you name it!
      Best stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

      3.00 oz / 0.19 lbs / 85 g


      11 × 18.5 cm

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      27 reviews for Organic Onion Powder | 85g

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      1. English

        amal.algammal90 (verified owner)

        I have purchased this product last month , the package is very good , it gave the food different taste , the smell is perfect and the product is highly recommended.
        It is served with love and care , Thanks

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      2. English

        Fatema Baroudi

        المنتجات فعلا رااائعه وريحتها قوية وجميله وبتدخل بالشراييين 😍😍😍 الله يباركلكن يارب ويوفقكن

        (0) (0)
      3. English

        Rasha Mouhandes (verified owner)

        I tried this product and it was very well packaged, the smell and test is very rich , highly recommended

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      4. English

        Afnan Bashawri (verified owner)

        أول مرا أدوق بودرة بصل زيها ،قرأت في وحدة حطتها مع الفشار وعن جد كتير لزيزة

        (0) (0)
      5. English


        So fresh like it is chopped now! the bag is so good in keeping the product fresh. a bit from this product give the desired taste so my bag lasted for months.

        (0) (0)
      6. English

        Farah K. (verified owner)

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      7. English

        Sara Alafaleq (verified owner)

        (0) (0)
      8. English

        Samira Alhamwi (verified owner)


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      9. Arabic

        Maryam A. (verified owner)

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      10. English

        Hoda Alothman (verified owner)


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      11. English

        Roula G. (verified owner)

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      12. English

        Chaymaa Douay (verified owner)

        (0) (0)
      13. English

        Mona Hajjaj Hajjaj (verified owner)

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      14. English

        Roula G. (verified owner)

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      15. English

        Dima (verified owner)

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      16. Arabic

        Dania Shurbaji (verified owner)

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      17. English

        سارة الحسن (verified owner)

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      18. English

        Nour Zakaria (verified owner)

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      19. Arabic

        Khadija fityani (verified owner)

        جربتها في تبلة البطاطا المشوية ومبدأيا طلع لزيييز بس لسا متحمسة ضيفه لتبلة الكايجين ☺️😉

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      20. English

        Nour Aljondi (verified owner)

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      21. English

        Rokash Habash (verified owner)

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      22. English

        مجهول (verified owner)

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      23. English

        Ahmad Zuhier (verified owner)

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      24. Arabic

        Azza Zakarya (verified owner)

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      25. English

        MOMENAH (verified owner)

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      26. English

        Zaina Hamshow (verified owner)

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      27. Arabic

        Halah Al gburi (verified owner)

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      28. Arabic

        Mohamed H. (verified owner)

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